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Video content marketing on YouTube must follow a precise strategy. And having a purpose. Before starting to produce materials to be included in your profile, become aware of this point: everything you do must make sense in the editorial calendar.



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Above all, it must have strategic planning. So you have to suggest a goal, a target, a study of the competitors and a map of the contents to be addressed.

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In this map there must be formats to propose to the followers (after we will see) and the strategies necessary to do SEO on YouTube . But also to integrate videos with everything you do, from social media marketing to email marketing . Without forgetting that all this takes shape from the concept of inbound marketing , that set of strategies that allow you to be found when people need you.

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This could be a good reason to start doing video content marketing on YouTube . Specifically, I can assure you that this investment, once weighted, brings visibility and benefits on several fronts. Also in the SEM sector, given that Google has a front-row seat in the sna for video.



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First of all, I recommend using Canva for the covers. Having a recognizable thumbnail is decisive for increasing the visits of the videos that appear in the lists. Those in charge of positioning videos on YouTube know that public involvement is one of the key factors to emerge. You can also take advantage of to retrieve free music for background use.

  • You need planning before you start producing videos. Better to shoot in the office or outside? With casual clothes or not? Do you want to use a gadget or a mascot? They may seem like secondary questions,

    Mark Stevensson
  • You can decide to work on simplicity or add filters that will accompany you over time. What I can recommend is to do continuous tests to find out what works and what doesn’t, taking into consideration that you always have different tools by your side that can help you understand and realize your style.

    Alice Silverstein
    Product Manager